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Factor L * No guru, no method, no teacher


No Guru, no method, no teacher - Van Morrison sings these words in his song "In the garden". That's our maxim too. We prefer to say: "Knowledge has no final aspect". Or: Factor L. L means life. The life in this form. The form we´re wearing on this planet. This short life, only a wink, a brief trip into the material. This life that will end. Of course the real life from our true "I" will never end.

But if we are in this form we are interested in all the things relating to this form. The feelings we have as a person, the health we want to keep or to get, the diseases we are afraid of, the absence of money and the existencial fear.

It's a mixture of things we need to feel good in this shape. And that's everytime more than can give us one method, one teacher or one guru. There is no exclusive method, nor an exclusive teacher or guru. Except someone asks for this.

 There are possibilities. If you want to choose on ore more of them you have to know them. You should have heard of them. Sometimes you should have tested them and decided that they are good for you. Sometimes you will go on any path. Maybe because one of this impassable ways is an abbreviation. Maybe you want to go the longer but more comfortable way. Only one thing is important: All these ways must have the same destination.

Someday a friend of us - a good healer und teacher - disappointedly said: "I give diamonds to my pupils and they throw it away to play with coloured stones." But maybe they don´t throw it away? Maybe they have put it away because at present a coloured stone is the better choice for this game? The diamond still is in range.

We want to show a little map. The ways lead to the same destination. Only the paths are different. Sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, any way is comfortable, others are adventurous. There are only ways we went. We know they lead to the destination. Maybe not everytime until the very end. But in every case you will cover a great distance. You will find our current toolbox under menu item named Factor L.

Surely we have our own diamond. It's the energy. We use the universal or - for someone - divine energy. This is the essential substance we all are. This is what we are and what we will be after the death of our material appeareance. Many people have been working with this energy, eons before us. And they will do it in the future. Without a guru, method or teacher.

Only if the guru is someone who shows the way to awareness, if the teacher is someone who knows he learns more than every of his students and if the method only describes something as a concept - then only we could disagree with Van Morrison.

Until then we admit Jonathan Swift to the floor:

The best maxim I know in this life is to drink your coffee when you can, and when you cannot, to be easy without it.

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